Stephen Jones

A Visit before christmas in London

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Stephen Jones On the way to the British Isles

Visit to London


In the days before Christmas we had a plane (or maybe it was „time machine”?)

a trip to London. We checked what’s up with one of the two Britain’s most famous milliners.


Stephen Jones

(ur.1957) is the UK’s leading fashionist, considered as one

of the biggest, most radical and important fashion artists of the late twentieth 

and early twenty-first century. Extremely prolific, creating hats for shows

many leading fashion designers such as John Galliano, Dior and Vivienne Westwood.

His works are known for their ingenuity and a high level of technical knowledge.

Jones was co-curated shows Anthology – Hats 2009 Victoria and Albert Museum. 

Stephen Jones                                  Merry Christmas! Stephen Jones Millinery


White and Black – a great return of the veil?

Take a look of Polish model Charlotte Tomaszewska

film advertising of the fragrances of Stephen Jones,

who created it in collaboration with Comme des Garcons!

„A beautiful blonde-haired Pole, floral fragrance described by its creators as a seductive, strange and futuristic and mesmerizing shots of Henry Pincus – it had to go! Film promoting the latest, already the second perfume Stephen Jones, a prominent creator of headgear, tells the story of the meeting between light and darkness, positive emotions and negative. The women symbolize these two extremes portrayed Polish model Charlotte Tomaszewska

agency Model Plus. Source:


Atelier Stephen Jones is a creative laboratory where headgear ideas are transformed in reality.
Below I’ve included a link to a video where you can see how he create his work: 

Click Me

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones wishes everyone a rousing Christmas

and Happy New Hats

Wishes to be accompanied by

with warmth, camaraderie and friendship

for Hat Brotherhood

Designers, Milliners, Scandalists

Merry Christmas!

Richard Porthos